CeBIT 2004 Sydney - Product using .NET FX

I saw many solutions being shown at CeBIT that had been developed using the .NET framework and the .NET Compact Framework.  More than I expected, to be honest. I'll take that as a positive :)

And I saw one app that knocked my socks off! It is called Filesphere, which delivers a very rich user desktop experience, integrated tightly into the explorer shell, and exploiting all the capabilities of Office 2003. This is delivering the promise of Longhorn's winfs *TODAY*. The demo was impressive, I was able to locate documents based on keywords, authors, projects, dates, etc - just like those cool longhorn demos we saw at the PDC. The system creates and manages all the meta-data for the documents and it is this meta-data that facilitates this excellent user experience.

I don't get too excited normally, but this is a fantastic app. Developed locally in Sydney. I remember meeting the folks behind this product 18 months ago and they were very excited back then.

It really really rocks!!! And it's all managed code.

Robert Scoble - are you out there? You need to check out these guys.