Chatting too to Renai LeMay from The Australian Financial Review

I had an interview on the phone today with Renai LeMay from The Australian Financial Review .

I've spoken with Renai a few times, but the most fun I had was the Journalist v Blogger debate we had a Tech.ED 2005 (Tech.Ed : Day 1 : The Rest Of The Day & Tech.Ed : Sharing the love & the news)

So, what were we talking about this time? Why Silverlight of course!!

Questions included:

  • What was the buzz like at ReMIX 2007?
  • It seems almost like designers and developers are coming together and their skill sets are crossing over?
  • How are things going in Australia with Silverlight – it’s not yet out of beta but I’m already hearing cases of people using it?
  • Even though it’s still in beta, people are deploying it a month after it was announced. Is it easy for developers to pick up the skills needed?
  • The other side of the coin is the adoption of the technology – do you have any stats on how many people have downloaded the plug-in?
  • One thing I have heard is the focus on full-screen video. What are your thoughts on this and how integral is it in Silverlight?
  • What has been the reaction from developers in general – is it seen as just another technology they have to learn or are they positive about it?

How did I answer?

Well, I will save that to Renai's article and the readers of The Australian Financial Review.  (or I might post some answers over the next few days)

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