Corporate Face to the Blogosphere - Moi?

It's surprising seeing my name pop up over the past few days as some one who
could step up and "be the corporate face to the blogosphere:"

via Niall
Kennedy Says Goodbye To Microsoft

Randy Morin

Scoble gone. Niall gone. Someone at Microsoft has to step
up and be the corporate face to the blogosphere. Who will it be? A great
opportunity for some
existingMicrosoftbloggers .

Randy's linking to Frank Arrigo, Don Box and Alex Barnett. I vote for
Alex, if only because I've met him and he's really cool and personable.

wishes Niall luck

Let me read that again - Randy's linking to Frank Arrigo, Don Box and
Alex Barnett.

I am so *NOT* in the same league as Don Box and Alex
Barnett. For a start, both of there guys are smart and have great things to
say. They are from product groups. I, on the other hand am over on the
other side of the world, in Sydney,
. Sure, I worked in a product team over 10 years ago, but I am not
there now.  I am just a humble manager within the Australian Developer and
Platform Evangelism Team, responsible for a wonderful team of individuals (as
recently featured on The Colbert Report).

The Blog Team

That said, why the need for a single corporate face?

There's thousands of MS bloggers on and, not to mention all
the other MS bloggers who are on Spaces,
Blogger, Wordpress as well as their own custom
domains. We've got many "corporate faces", folks from the field, folks from
product teams, folks from MSR, folks from all over the place. All giving us a
view of what it is like within MS.

It's been quite fascinating seeing this all develop and to actually be part
of it all.

Anyways, as I said at the start, it's has been surprising seeing my name
appear in places outside of Australia

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