eXtreme Programming Techniques for .NET Developers

Dr Neil will be back in Australia soon (for those you who are curious check out where Dr Neil is), to deliver his popular eXtreme Programming Techniques for .NET Developers, in conjunction with the good folks from dotNET Solutions

MSDN Connection and dotNET solutions are bringing Dr. Neil Roodyn, leading .NET and XP mentor and author of eXtreme .NET, to a training venue near you. We are touring throughout Australia and New Zealand during October and November with an updated one day and a new advanced two day training session on eXtreme .NET. The cost for the one day session is AU$450 (inc GST) while the two day event is AU$850 (inc GST). As it is sponsored by MSDN Connection, members get a $50 discount if they quote their MSDN Connection membership number.

Introductory eXtreme Programming Techniques for .NET Developers

This one day course is designed to show developers and team leaders how to incorporate eXtreme Programming (XP) practices with .NET-connected technologies to create high-quality, low-cost code to build better software. This practical, realistic course systematically covers key elements of XP methodology in the specific context of the Microsoft .NET Framework, Visual Studio .NET, Visual C#, and related Microsoft .NET-enabled applications.

Advanced eXtreme Programming Techniques for .NET Developers

This two day course is designed to teach developers and team leaders how to take further advantage of eXtreme Programming (XP) practices with .NET-connected technologies. This practical, realistic course will help you to turbo-charge your development process. Over the two days Dr. Neil Roodyn will take a deep look at planning, team-play, advanced test-driven development, software architecture, code design, and much more. The introductory one day course is a prerequisite to this course.

Further details can be found at http://www.dotnetsolutions.com.au/xp.aspx. Dr Neil’s presentations were sold out earlier this year so ensure you book early to avoid disappointment.

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