Heading over for Webstock in Wellington

I am heading over to Wellington,  May 24-27, to be part of an event called Webstock.

I'm going to be helping out on the Microsoft booth (Microsoft is *a* sponsor), along with my kiwi compadres - Nigel, Darryl, Nathan, Sean, Mark "No blog" Carroll and a bunch of other folks. I'll be doing demos and talking about about Microsoft’s broader commitment to the web, through things such as the Windows Live services, Mix06, ASP.NET 2.0, ATLAS, WPF/E, IE 7, etc

There's a great list of speakers attending - Dori Smith, Joe Clark, Rachel McAlpine, Douglas Bowman, Heather Hesketh, Russell Brown, Tony Chor, Darren Fittler, Kelly Goto, Ben Goodger, Rowan Simpson, Donna Maurer, Joel Spolsky, Kathy Sierra, Andreas Girardet, Steve Champeon. It's like a kiwi version of Mix06, but much better. 

I am looking forward to meeting a bunch of these folks - especially Kathy Sierra. Hopefully she will have dinner with me one night - fingers crossed.

Speaking of dinner - anyone in Wellington want to get together for a geek dinner Wednesday night?

Let's hope this trip to Wellington is an improvement over the last time I was there . In case you missed it, relive it through my past posts -  Off to Wellington NZ, in search of the Zephyrometer, Ahhh. the joys of travel, Things on the improve?, CaféNET is cool. One thing is for sure, I am staying at a different hotel this time!


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