How to keep up to date on the Summer Olympics

The Athen Summer Olympics are off and running.  I've been looking for apps and services to keep me up to date and so far I have found two which help get results onto my XDA II

Olympic Fan

Olympic fan is easy to use Olympic guide that brings You all the information for the medal winners in all Olympic categories and events ever existed !
Olympic fan is divided into two conceptual parts, the History of Olympic Games and Athens 2004 Live Coverage. Here are the key features of each of them :


  • find with ease the names of the winners in all olympic events ever held.
  • find out the medals that a given country has won through the years.
  • find out the medals that are won by a country for a specific year.
  • learn more about the history of the games and the host cities from Athens 1896 to Athens 2004.
  • all time medal table , of all countries recognized by the IOC (International Olympic Committee).

Athens 2004

  • All Olympic Sports full schedule.
  • Medal table for countries updated in real time.
  • be the first to know the names of the winners in all the 301 sport events in Athens 2004.
  • receive the latest resulst and news from Athens 2004, in well formatted HTML , which is designed to look nice on your Pocket PC.
  • intuitive interface which lets you get the information you need with ease, and which looks superb on the Pocket PC display.


I already use Infuzer for weather information. I like it heaps. Works a treat.

They have introduced a "premium service" which pops olympic events schedules and results directly into my calendar. This rocks.

Anyone know of other apps & services out there?