Imagine Cup 2007 : Winners Announced, Lives to be Changed!

One of the side events held during Remix was the judging of the Australian finals for the Imagine Cup for 2007.

I had been a judge for the past few years (2005, 2006), but with my Remix duties, others in the team took on this important task.

The finalists were

  • " The Intelligent Gorillas" (Queensland University of Technology) - developed an application for peer-based learning and discussion using a Powerpoint presentation as a starting point for something that becomes so much more.
  • "Team APA" (University of Canberra) - developed a tool to help blind people program in C#.NET
  • "Smart Education" (University of Canberra) - think WebCT mashed up with Facebook, giving a very 'now' solution to student problems.

So, who won?

It was team APA from the University of Canberra, with a customised Visual Studio which let blind users compile and run C# programs. As Coatsey said, "the entry was innovative and had the potential to change the lives of its users".

Tony Sarno (another judge) has more : Now the blind can program in .NET. So to does Eric Lam.

Kudos to Nicholas Ellery (our current Intern Academic Marketing Manager)for driving a great result!

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