It’s Friday, but it’s not as Good as it could be


Today is Good Friday.

In Australia, as well as a number of other countries around the world, today is a public holiday

But not where I am.

Wikipedia explains  Customs associated with Good Friday

In the United States , Good Friday is not a federal holiday, although it is a state holiday in some locations. U.S. governments are also constitutionally prevented from forcing most private businesses to open or close on any particular day, so the stock markets are usually closed on Good Friday along with some other businesses - but the majority of businesses are open on Good Friday. Many public schools close on Good Friday because so many children's families observe the holiday. However, for secular purposes, the names Easter and Good Friday are often replaced with euphemistic terminology. "Good Friday" is often renamed as "Spring holiday" on school calendars, to avoid association with the Christian holiday while at the same time allowing a state-sanctioned day off. The postal service operates, and banks regulated by the federal government are not allowed to close. State and local offices are closed in areas where it is a state holiday.

There is even a Easter/Good Friday controversy. Gotta love a good controversy.

hourglass;smh;good living;020323;pic domino postiglione;shows hot cross buns from the brasserie bread companyIt wont stop us from having a Hot Cross Bun or three, as well as all the other Easter traditions.

I’ll be going to pay a visit to the local Cobbs Bakery, which funnily enough is Baker’s Delight but with a different name – kinda like the Burger King / Hungry Jacks thing but in reverse. This kids like the Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Oh, and Monday is a normal work day here too. It is also not a public holiday.

I guess I should be thankful for Thanksgiving.

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