Judging the Australian Final of the Imagine Cup

Tomorrow (Friday June 16, 2006) I have the honour of being on the judging
panel for this year's Australian leg of the Imagine Cup for
2006. I
also had the opportunity to do this last year

The theme of this year's Imagine Cup, "Imagine a world where technology
enables us to live healthier lives," is a challenge to the world's top student
technologists to actively contribute to the mission of improving health around
the world.

The winning team will go to the final held in India later in the year.

The Australian finalists are


People who are suffering from different diseases have to receive more
stress than a normal healthy people in order to maintain the quality of lives.
As a Diabetic patient, they are not only suffering painful from the disease,
they even have to share most of their lifetimes to record and maintain their
body blood sugar level. Recording and managing their blood sugar level is the
most tedious and challenging job they are doing everyday. Current Method
requires Diabetic patient to record their blood sugar level manually. Most of
them who are not familiar with computer technology are recording it into a
paper-form. These paper-forms are easy to mange when records are not too many.
However, time after time, records will become more and more, a huge of paper
will be hard to keep and manage. Searching a particular record is even

In order to simplify the recording job for them, our application allows
diabetic patient to record their daily blood sugar concentration level by
using computer software. The application is not only designed for record
saving only, it also includes a set of management tools for them to mange
their records, doctor’s contact details and doctor’s appointments. Our
application is designed to allow diabetic patients to have more time to enjoy
their lives as everyone does.

 University of Canberra – Patient Monitoring and Alerting

 An online health system has become a necessary service in the
area of modern personal health. The ability to interoperate between doctors
and patients through cyberspace is becoming increasingly useful. With the
support of Microsoft .NET technologies, we propose a Patient Monitoring and
Alerting System (PMAS), which is an easy to use Web application for such a
service. The PMAS links doctors and patients, allows patients to record the
result of daily health check, and allows doctors to check if patients are
adhering to doctors’ advices on daily health check and other prescriptions.
The PMAS also generates graphical statistical reports for doctors and
patients. In addition, the PMAS automatically sends an alert and a
notification to doctors and patients as an email or SMS to a mobile phone if
the patient's health situation needs urgent medical

 University of Canberra - Ambulance Service Management

In today’s world, hospitals all across the world receive hundreds of
emergency calls everyday. The technology currently being used leads to loss of
time and provides limited information. With the support of Microsoft .NET
technologies, we propose an Ambulance Service Management System (ASMS) through
which more lives can be saved. The ASMS provides a Web-based system, with
customizable mobile content for paramedic personal digital assistance (PDA),
and a Web service for the emergency staff to manage and keep track the
efficiency of ambulance services. The ASMS also optimises time and minimises
miscommunication which is critical in saving an ailing or injured patient. The
time spent in transferring the casualty from the scene to the hospital can be
used for gathering key information about the patient’s status (for recording
physiological signals and stabilization procedures). By transferring this
critical information to the hospitals in a timely manner, the hospital staff
can prepare in advance thus, making it possible for technology to better
service the health system.

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