Lots of ideas : some big & some small

I got the following email yesterday from Tim Holborn. I have known Tim for a
while and have had regular chats with him over the years. His email makes for
interesting reading - lots of innovative ideas, some big & some small,
looking for commercialisation, or at the very least to take them to the next

The email reminded me of the the small things
that Robert Scoble has
been speaking
about recently

I asked Tim if I could post his email and he would "be honoured", so have a
read and if something sparks an interest, get in touch with Tim.

From: Timothy Holborn
Wednesday, 16 February 2005 4:43 PM
Subject: "Seek Entrepreneur" - find and
recruit entrepreneural people for your organisation!!!

To Whom It May Concern; 

Some of you I know well, whilst others I’ve spoken to on occasion. 
I’m an innovator / inventor / Digital Media Specialist. 

Over two years, I’ve so far failing to find a position and I’m having
difficulty with HR processes.  I’ve spent this time proactively getting
involved in developing products - none of which have ended up earning me a
cent.  But a lot of people have said I’m a nice guy or an “idea’s
engine”.  Pity there’s no actual business title for an “idea’s
engine”…  It’s not like seek, My Career, or any HR company knows what to
do with an “idea’s engine”…  Maybe the procedure is to send them for a
discussion with the marketing department – so they can get some new ideas?

Through this experience, I’ve learnt - one must have money, to make money
(The Golden Rule - he who has the gold rules), that a qualification is more
useful than skills / knowledge, and that most companies prefer to use other
people’s work – to then make something of their “own”, rather than buying it
from anyone. Etc.  It’s cheaper in the short term and possible (on
average) in the long-term as well...

Therefore, I cannot afford to spend a further 6 - 18 months, developing any
of these ideas into products.  From experience, the framework; business
plan, data modelling, financials, marketing, prototype – everything needed for
commercialisation, then needs to be pitched to the market (people like you) –
which only serves only to have something “like” it appear on the market a
couple months later, becoming another financially devastating project… 

I’m sending to you.  I wish you all the best.  Hope it helps to
support your staff. 

The Entrepreneurial HR group of Products
I believe that
there are many entrepreneurial people being similarly screwed by big
companies, and probably finding it difficult to attract employment

I believe that a “entrepreneurial” targeting option may be a beneficial
service to offer, as the meta-tags associated to these individuals may be
significantly differentiated from many current job profiles have more to do
with educational background, standardised low-risk profiling, and upper-level
corporate experience (internal staffing) rather than the potential for the
applicant to be recognised as a creative sales drivers.  

It is a key assumption that such profiling of entrepreneurial people, is
differentiated enough to provide for a job listing / profiling / assessment
system better suited to such industrial developers.

Image Based Search Engine.   Utilising Technical
algorithms, such as contour based image recognition, object based recognition,
etc.   A Search Engine could be developed that would support picture
input (whether a frame of video or still image) so that people could search
images, based on an image input… 

This could be useful for a whole range of applications.  But I think
the most profitable, could be just a plain search box function.

Intelligent batteries
Most Digital CE (Consumer
Electronics) devices now carry both Data Storage & Electrical storage
cards.   This Idea proposes a product which facilitates both within
a singular casing, enabling a rechargeable, removable – digital + electrical
storage device.  I believe this type of device, if well implemented has
the capability to become as ubiquitous as an “AA” Battery.  Plus, it may
help lower overall production of plastics, which makes it environmentally
friendly.  The Recharger could have a USB Connection, allowing uploading
of images and recharging of the Electrical capacity simultaneously. 

Computer expansion port for displays
A standard Port,
for the back of television devices.  This Computer expansion port allows
Computer MFG’s (manufacturers) to design a Standard Computer size, which can
be plugged into the back of televisions and flat-screen monitors. 

Generally, computers are upgraded every 3 – 5 years, whereas a television /
display can be suitable for 10 – 25 years.

In Essence, it is like an Expansion port for computational upgrades, to be
made for output devices.  Standard interfaces would be needed between the
Monitor device, and the Computational port – however on the back of the
computational device, could be more specialist ports.

Digital Receipt System for retail POS Systems (Point Of

The Ability to offer a Digital Receipt at the point of
purchase, rather than a Paper receipt.   This would help collate
information for Tax time.  It would also reduce paper usage / wastage,
whilst it would probably be cheaper in the long-term for organisations to
publish Digital rather than Paper.

Telephony over IP - TOIP
VOIP is now beginning. 
TOIP – I see as the next step, Telco’s offering a new type of number, and
similar to the numbers provided for Home, Business and Mobile.  A TOIP
Phone number would be connected via an “enabled” internet connection, and a
consumer may connect via their computer device, a standard household telephone
enabled with a suitable adapter or a new type of phone which may connect via
Ethernet or other types of broadband technology.    The Primary
format change between TOIP and POTS (Plain old Telephone Service) is that a
TOIP Address would have greater flexibility to offer dynamic “features”. 
Such as Global Roaming, Document Transmission, Video Conferencing Standards,
and a dynamic web based interface.   Discussion on this topic is
currently being published at the Australian Communications Authority
Web-Site.   However if it were to begin, I would think an
international organisation of Telecommunications companies would have to
produce the “standard”, I also believe some work in this area has been
initiated already.

Television Channels Ideas

As digital channelling comes forward.  There is an
opportunity to make more content, distributed though niche channels such as
VOD, Internet delivery and PPV.   This brings an opportunity to
develop Niche, global content, which traditionally has not been recognised as
viable “6pm” television events…

The Awards Channel
The awards channel would cover
awards of any-type, and compile an archive of these events – along with
associated information of the award winners.  Part of the revenue for
this venture would be sourced via Advertising of related corporate, whilst
other revenue options could be sourced via subscription revenues…

The Conference Channel
This Channel is devoted to
conferences of all kinds.
There are many conferences happening every week,
throughout the world.  This channel is devoted to providing access to
such conferences and associated material.  Conferences help organisations
and individuals keep track of current events, leaders, technologies,
strategies, etc.  

Messenger Idea
“The Sims Vs Messenger”

A little face or person, which could be placed in the “Picture”
component of messenger and interact with “smiley” commands…
face would replicate the “smiley” faces each user sends to each other. 
The face would be built by the user, designed via a group of options; they
would be able to build an image of the face and/or person.  There could
be options to make the “digital people” interact upon conversations cues such
as “smiley”, hugs, kisses and who knows what!
Consumer Benefits (Marketing)

It provides end-users a new method
to express themselves over internet.  Generating a digital “likeness” or
“alter-ego”, which interacts on command… It can also work into the Microsoft
butterfly campaign
It helps further personalise an internet
experience, providing additional “personal collateral” to the “virtual world”.

Furthermore, I believe that a SDK could be developed to help
developers plug this tool into other software packages.  It could be used
for VOIP or reading out emails, etc. 
Sony recently made
technology for gaming which allows a person to “scan” their face, and overlay
it onto a character.  I think that’s kinda scary, but it could easily be
implemented into this type of product.

If you hear of any jobs in Melbourne.  Please let me know.  I
need one.  As long as it pays, more than it costs to work there.

It’s disappointing that ideas aren’t worth anything…

All of the above “ideas”, and much more will be published on the Sailing
Digital (www.sailingdigital.com)
website in the near future.  .  I figure, it’s cheaper to give them
away quickly, rather than spending lots of time and money, trying to make
something – only to have wasted the precious time of people, and I seem to
innately generate an everlasting resource of ideas.

Kind Regards,

Timothy Holborn


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