Microsoft Windows-based Hosting Solutions Seminar Series

I got a note today from the folks that look after Hosting
Service Providers
in Australia. They have a roadshow
going around the country in March
, which looks interesting, especially
hearing about DotNetNuke. Who knows. you
may get to meet a member
of the core team

Windows-based Hosting Solutions Seminar Series

Want to learn more about the newly released Windows & Hosted
Messaging & Collaboration hosting solutions? Hear the latest
benefits of hosting on the Windows platform from industry experts and how
hosting can add value to your business in 2005! This seminar will
provide attendees with a thorough technical operation and business value
overview of both Solutions. Attendees will learn what the Solutions are,
how they can be attained, and how Microsoft's assistance can be leveraged to
facilitate a quick deployment that yields a quick return on investment through
operational efficiency as well as additional revenue streams, including
Windows SharePoint Services and Live Communications Server hosting. Also
hear from Industry experts such as Ensim, Fenestrae, SWSoft, activAeon,
DotNetNuke and more!

Sydney Monday 14 March 2005 Register
Melbourne Tuesday 15 March 2005 Register
Brisbane Wednesday 16 March 2005 Register
Perth Tuesday 22 March 2005 Register