MIX10 – why not MMX ??

As soon as the PDC ended, the team has started work on MIX10.

There are workshops running March 14th, 2010 and the Conference is on March 15th - March 17th, 2010 – (yes, *the* Ides of March)

This year’s event is at Mandalay Bay. Attendees who register by January 15th will get one free night at the hotel.

Registration has just opened, there is a call for content, and here’s a collection of blog bling……

Mix10_LoveFest_blk_240 Mix10_LoveFest_brn_240 Mix10_LoveFest_grn_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_blk_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_brn_240 Mix10_LoveTheWeb_grn_240 Mix10_SeeYou_blk_240 Mix10_SeeYou_brn_240 Mix10_SeeYou_grn_240 Mix10_Speaking_blk_240 Mix10_Speaking_brn_240 Mix10_Speaking_grn_240 Mix10_Speaking2_blk_240 Mix10_Speaking2_brn_240 Mix10_Speaking2_grn_240 Mix10_Vote_blk_240 Mix10_Vote_brn_240 Mix10_Vote_grn_240

Speaking of the Ides of March – why not call the conference MMX this year??? Missed opportunity folks….

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