More about the new roles

A few days back, I wrote about growing the team.

Not surprisingly, this generated a lot of interest and I had received lots of emails from interested folks.

Also, not surprisingly, folks have been asking for more info about the roles.

So, here it is:

  • The Developer Evangelist role is web focused. The person in this role is to take a lead on all things web vnext. I need someone who can code gadgets, mashups and build proof of concepts for customers and also work with partners.  This would be the person to drive WPF adoption for online applications and work with partners/customers to produce an app like the NY Times Reader, as well as all things related to Windows Live. I expect this person to be talking at events like the recent web directions 06  and to take a lead on things like Mix.  
  • The ISV Developer Evangelist - MBS role is MBS focused and working with the the Microsoft Dynamics famiy of products. The person in this role will work closely with ISVS who build upon the MBS stack with a focus on ERP based solutions.  The person will be more a bit consultant than evangelist, since it’s more about depth than breadth.

I hope this make things a bit clearer.

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