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Hi, all, and welcome to another issue of the MSDN Flash

I am delighted to be taking over the role of editor. Caroline has done a fantastic job for the past year, and I wish her well in her new role in Singapore. So, this makes two MSDN Flash editors who have moved on to roles in Singapore. Will I be a third? Never say never, but I have done my time as an international jet-setting man of technology.

Let me introduce myself. I've been at Microsoft for 13 years, in a variety of roles. I am a pretty active blogger, with a number of sites, both personal and work-related. I'm also Melbourne born and bred, but my family is well entrenched in Sydney these days. I have four children; three boys (Antony, Billy, Brice) and one wonderful daughter (Emma), and a very patient wife (Moira).

I run the Technical Evangelism team here at Microsoft, and have a fantastic group of people who do the real work, day in day out. In the coming months, I will be introducing you to each of the team members.

At the moment, we are getting the final stages together for Tech.Ed 2004. Having spent my first two years with Microsoft in Canberra, I remember how cold it gets in August - I strongly suggest lots of layers.

Much more to say, but I will leave that to the next instalment.

Until next time, happy coding

Frank Arrigo

Remember, feedback is always welcome to us at ausflash\

Tech.Ed 2004: Essential Professional Development for Developers
Attend the Zero to BI and Reporting Workshop Series
Build Secure Web Services with Web Services Enhancements 2.0
XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005
Migrate from the SOAP Toolkit to the Microsoft .NET Framework
The Myth of Microsoft .NET Purity, Reloaded
Meet the Implementation Challenges of SOA
Federated Identity Management Interoperability
Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Software Project Management
64-bit Windows World Tour Stops Over in Sydney
Australian Computing Society Adelaide -:July and August Microsoft .NET Training Courses
Microsoft .NET Community of Practice Perth: Visual Studio 2005 Technology Preview
Move Your Web Development Skills to ASP.NET
   Featured Articles in This Edition

Tech.Ed 2004: Essential Professional Development for Developers Visual Studio .NET 2003, Visual Studio 2005, language enhancements, IDE productivity, Windows and Web programming, architectural guidance, Web services, Office programmability, smart clients, data management and more. Don't miss Tech.Ed 2004 for days of deep technical content that will take your skill set to the next level. Visit the site now to discover what's on offer at this year's Tech.Ed for Developers

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Attend the Zero to BI and Reporting Workshop Series Back by popular demand - the Zero to BI and Reporting Workshops Series! The workshops consist of a pair of two-day courses designed to help you learn how to better capture and analyse your business data, and prepare to build your own Business Intelligence Solutions and reports. Learn to create a manageable, low-risk high-value pilot project and build OLAP cubes from a variety of data sources that people throughout your company can browse with Excel Pivot Tables, reports or third party BI clients. Covers authoring, management, and delivery capabilities of SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. Many of the last Zero to BI and Reporting Workshop Series sold out - so visit the site now for more details and to register. Register today to secure your place.

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Build Secure Web Services with Web Services Enhancements 2.0 Web Services Enhancements 2.0 is now available to help you keep pace with evolving Web services protocol specifications! Download WSE 2.0 for new features such as a policy framework, enhanced security model, message-oriented programming model, and support for multiple hosting environments. Get articles and take a walkthrough via hands-on labs on offer at the site.

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   The Future of Microsoft Software

XML Support in Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Delve into XML support in SQL Server 2005. Read on to find out about specific server- and client-side capabilities, how XML delivers the benefits of query processing and data management and specific SQL Server 2005 enhancements supporting interoperability between relational and XML data.

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   New on Microsoft.NET Technology

Migrate from the SOAP Toolkit to the Microsoft .NET Framework Web services have come a long way since the first SOAP Toolkit. Learn about various strategies for migrating your SOAP Toolkit-based Web service applications to the .NET Framework and take advantage of the benefits of managed code.

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The Myth of Microsoft .NET Purity, Reloaded Does a solution written for Microsoft .NET have to be 100 percent .NET? Scott Hanselman looks at how a hybrid managed-unmanaged model can provide a best-of-breed solution that exploits both the high-performance low-level APIs through C++, and the highly componentised features of the Microsoft .NET Framework.

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   New from the Web

Meet the Implementation Challenges of SOA Service-oriented architectures aren't implemented overnight. Meet the eight key challenges your company will face when going down the service-oriented architecture path and explore the various approaches to solving them.

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Federated Identity Management Interoperability The WS-Federation Web Services security specification defines a model and set of messages for brokering trust relationships and the federation of identity and authentication information across different trust realms. Take a look at the results of an Interop Workshop that recently tested solutions from leading Identity Management Solution providers.

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Visual Studio 2005 Team System: Software Project Management Jump the hurdles of software project management with the tools available in Visual Studio 2005 Team System. Discover the way to better team communication and collaboration through features such as a dashboard-view project site, rich metrics reporting and customisable project processes.

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   Developer Events
64-bit Windows World Tour Stops Over in Sydney Learn about the tools and procedures to support 64-bit Windows at this one-day Sydney stopover of the 64-bit Windows World Tour. Speakers from Redmond's Route 64 core team will navigate you through the Microsoft 64-bit road map covering Microsoft SQL Server 64-bit, architecture review application compatibility and code migration. This free, one-day session runs at Microsoft's Sydney headquarters, 8 July from 8am to 5pm. There'll be a high demand so register today!
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Australian Computing Society Adelaide: July and August Microsoft .NET Training Courses Take advantage of the great prices that have been negotiated for this ACS-badged, two-day Introduction to Microsoft .NET Development course. Cost is only $600 for ADNUG/INETA and ACS members and $800 for non-members. Please note that this is the introductory course to the Visual Basic .NET and Visual C# courses that will follow. Check out the course outline here. (pdf) ADNUG/INETA members should also use the form with the outline to book. Please fax completed form to 08 8212 3799 or email to sec_acssa\ ACS members and non-members can book by clicking on the "Book ACS Events" button at the ACS site.
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Microsoft .NET Community of Practice Perth: Visual Studio 2005 Technology Preview Get a sneak preview of Visual Studio 2005 at the next Perth. Net Community of Practice User Group event. This session takes place on Wednesday, 23 June at Cliftons (5:30-8pm). Limited places are available. To register, or for more information, contact Nick Randolph, User Group President
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Move Your Web Development Skills to ASP.NET Get skilled up in ASP.NET Web development at this one-day training workshop. The course will show you how to use Visual Studio .NET to create an ASP.NET app, create user interfaces that run in a browser, building and consuming a simple Web service and much more. Designed for developers with existing Web development skills in environments other than IIS/ASP, all workshop attendees will also receive a free Microsoft ASP.NET resource kit! Cost is only $99 +GST. Click here to find out more and register.
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Monday 21 June, 2004
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