MSDN Flash - Thursday, 02 September, 2004

MSDN Flash Australia
Pradeepa de Silva, Guest Editor, Educates us on Education.
Hi, I'm the new addition to the DPE team here in Oz. The name is Pradeepa but most people call me Deeps. I'm delighted to be working with universities and high schools in curriculum and program development around the region especially since we already have some fantastic initiatives in place for faculty and students. Initiatives include:
MSDNAA a subscription based program where our software can be used for non-commercial use. Subscribers have access to development tools, operating systems, server software, documentation, and technical references. Plus they can even use them on their personal computers.
MSDN Connection a great new program for developers which we are extending to students. Students who sign up to this program receive their own RFID membership card and some excellent benefits - like ASP.NET web hosting and discounts on Microsoft hardware and software.
The Imagine Cup competition which is already underway for the 2005. All over the country students are brainstorming and forming teams so they are ready to go when the competition begins. Categories include software design, short film, algorithm and rendering. The Australian winner will be sent to Japan for the global finals. which is like a digital lifestyle club for students from around the world. Students get to share film, music, gaming, sports and culture. Plus they each get their own blog, 10 MB upload space for code and the chance to create or join a personal hub.
student-dotnet a mailing list which helps students struggling with assignments and labs. They can post study~ or technology~ related questions and get answers thanks to Stanski Consulting.
We also have student ambassadors as our eyes and ears on campus. They run fun events like Xbox nights and organise seminars on Microsoft technologies - with food and drinks provided of course! That's all from me. Hopefully I'll see you at a future MSDN event! DeepsRemember, feedback is always welcome to us at ausflash\

Feature Articles
At Microsoft, we recently announced that our 'Longhorn' project is on track for release in 2006. An important and exciting step for us, 'Longhorn' will deliver major improvements in user productivity plus some never- before offered capabilities for software developers. Bill Gates himself demonstrated our excitement when he said: "Getting 'Longhorn' to customers in 2006 will provide important advances in performance, security and reliability, and will help accelerate the creation of exciting new applications by developers across the industry."
With Windows XP Service Pack 2 (SP2), Microsoft is introducing a set of security technologies to help improve computer services based on Windows XP, to withstand malicious attacks from viruses and worms. These technologies include network protection, memory protection, improved e-mail security and safer browsing. Together, these security technologies will help make it more difficult to attack Windows XP, even if the latest patches or updates aren't applied. And they are particularly useful mitigation against worms and viruses. To developers these technologies will have impacts on the applications they create and the tools they use. The linked page contains resources to assist developers in dealing with these impacts.
Here it is folks, Odyssey 2005 - the Microsoft Developer Tools Roadmap. If you haven't already checked then click here to see where Microsoft is heading in the VERY near future. You'll find Visual C++ 2005, Visual Basic 2005, Visual J# and more - everything you need to know about where your current code is heading. Although this information has been around for a while, many developers still get caught out by not checking. And remember, not knowing what's coming can be really dangerous - just ask the woolly mammoth!

New on .NET
The latest update on Microsoft .net technology contains a fully downloadable feature on improving Microsoft .NET technology performance and scalability. You'll see exactly how to lower total cost of ownership as well as reduce risk. Plus, the information is segmented by role, so, whether you are an architect, developer, tester or administrator, you'll find what's relevant to you.
Ever found yourself thinking you don't have time to attend chats and Webcasts? Well you might have to reconsider. Click here and you'll see a transcript of a chat session held on 11 July. The topic is the new ASP.NET Mobile Support Toolkit everyone is now talking about. Well if you'd been at the chat you'd have a headstart - particularly as it was attended by the heavy hitters at Microsoft. What's next? Click here to go to MSDN Chat home to see our schedule of chats - you'll be amazed by what you'll learn.

Planners, Developers & Decision Makers
Forward planning. Yes, it improves your security but it can be easier said than done. Yet applications that store sensitive information need to be protected from malicious attacks and from competitors attempting to steal information or intellectual property. Click here and you'll have access to information on designing a security model that's at least partly 'future-proof'.
Are you building a complex service-oriented solution? Then you'll need to consider contract design, communications security, operations manageability and provisioning. And that's just the start. You're probably under pressure initially to deliver architecting with deployment in mind, then ensure design changes are propagated to code and vice versa. Then, you need to establish seamless communication between design, development and operations teams. It's why we've created Visual Studio 2005 Team System for Architects. Click here to find out how to give yourself a better fighting chance.
If you're a novice or intermediate administrator considering SharePoint for your organisation then here's a really useful guide. Click here and you can download a full Planning and Installation Guide for SharePoint Portal Server. It will give you essential planning and installation information -. You'll find it easy to start using Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server. Plus the guide includes helpful resources to make sure you are asking the right questions when considering what comes next.

MSDN Flash Australia
Thursday, 02 September, 2004
In this Issue:
Pradeepa de Silva, Guest Editor, Educates us on Education.
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