MSN Developer Center

MSN gets all Web 2.0.  Check out the new MSN Developer Center on  MSDN

  • MSN Search
    Find the tools and information you need to create powerful applications that retrieve data from the MSN Search Engine.MSN Virtual Earth
    Now you can build applications that use the great mapping features of MSN Virtual Earth. The external Web site provides the resources you need, including tutorials, sample applications, and a gallery where you can see other developer applications.
  • MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search
    Windows Desktop Search can be extended to index the contents of new file types and data sources. The user interface can be extended by associating icons and context-menu handlers with those items. Also, applications can be built to query the index and display the results inline.
  • Extend with Gadgets is now extensible, with our new AJAX framework. Go to the developer site to learn how to build your own gadgets, customize your feeds, and more.

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