New Book - Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation

Prolific author, Solutions Architect,  Cricket fan, and all round good
guy, Chris Peiris has a new book
coming out - Pro
WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation

Pro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation book coverPro WCF: Practical Microsoft SOA

Part of Microsoft's radical new WinFX API is the Indigo foundation,
more formally known as the Windows Communication Foundation, or WCF. Pro WCF:
Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to WCF from the SOA
architecture perspective and shows you why WCF is important to web service
development and architecture.

The book covers the unified programming model, reliable messaging,
security, the peer-to-peer programming model, and more. You'll also learn how
to move your current DCOM and .NET remoting applications to WCF, and how to
integrate those applications with new WCF-based applications. You' ll want to
get ahold of a copy because it

  • Contains a comprehensive WCF programming model

  • Explains how queue management and reliable messaging work in WCF

  • Discusses implementing transaction support in WCF

  • Shows how to make WCF services interoperable with other SOA

  • Thoroughly covers WCF security topics and concerns

I had a coffee with Chris in
Canberra last year, when he was about to start the book. He showed me the
outline. I think I still have the outline, but it's packed into one of the many
boxes under my desk.

It should motivate me to get my book written, but I'm not so dedicated. In
fact, I'm pretty lazy. I'll leave the book writing to those with talent.

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