Not all maps are created equal

I am a fan of the rich mobile application, you know the one. You install the software and it can work offline and online as needed.

Well I am running 3 of the more popular ones at the moment

Windows Mobile Live Search

Google Mobile Maps

Yahoo Go!

They all have their good points and bad points.

One thing they all do is provide mapping. They all connect to a GPS

I thought I would see how it mapped where I live.

As it so happens, my street has a dead-end. It is blocked off

Funnily enough only one of the 3 map show that the street is closed. Do'h!

gmap wls ygo

Now, this isn't limited to the mobile maps though, as both VE and Google Maps show the street to NOT be a dead-end.

Map image


Good thing *I* know it's a dead end

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