OMG - The router died

The calls started this morning by 8am.

Our internet access at home wasnt working and Moira was concerned.

She turned everything off and on again.

Nothing worked.

She had already called the support folks and then in desperation she called me.

Turns out our network router had died.

No lights were going blinky blinky, so that's always a sign of things arent working.

Off to the local DSE and back home with a new wireless router.

I had about 6 phone calls from 'Rigo trying to get this working.

I told him to wait until I got home.

OMG - my family was going to have to survive with no net access for a few hours!

Got home, plugged the bits in, restarted the connection, looked at the blinky lights


The Arrigo's are back online.

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