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We had a visitor from APAC RHQ this week, the delightful Dilip Mistry, who is the Lead for Microsoft Developer and Platform Team for Microsoft Asia Pacific.

He and I had a chat about a bunch of things and over lunch, he mentioned Project Glidepath.

Intrigued, I went looking through my notes & emails and found out all about this.

Welcome to Project Glidepath 2.0

The release of Windows Vista is creating a new wave of demand for applications. Combining the hundreds of new features and thousands of new APIs added to Windows Vista with starting and keeping a MicroISV business running is a formidable challenge. We at Microsoft want to help make it easier for you to be successful.  

Project Glidepath, an Microsoft evangelism initiative, provides you the step-by-step instructions for everything from how to get started with Windows Presentation Foundation to how to write and publish a press release.

Project Glidepath delivers the workflow-based guidance, sample code, content and custom tools you need to create successful applications for Windows Vista including .Net 3.0 right inside Visual Studio 2005.

Project Glidepath includes:

  • The Project Glidepath Repository Manager - a freely available VS2005 add-in that provides a platform for delivering guidance, content, custom tools and templates for building applications for Windows Vista including .NET 3.0.
  • A web-based repository of software factories and packages containing workflow-based guidance regarding all aspects of being in the software business. This includes everything you need regarding the technical and non-technical aspects of starting and succeeding as a MicroISV. The Project Glidepath Repository Manager downloads this over an RSS feed right to your development workstation. Being RSS-based means you can synchronize with the master repository on a regular basis for updates and new additions.  

The ProjectGlidepath.Net web-based Community

  • The Project Glidepath Blog - real-time insight into the workings of Project Glidepath and information about how to develop your own Project Glidepath factories and packages.
  • The Project Glidepath Gallery - featured content from Project Glidepath software factories and packages which can be used with or without Visual Studio to help you build for Windows Vista.


Full details regarding the new features and facilities in Project Glidepath 2.0 can be found here .

For more Windows Vista Developer information:

The Windows Vista Developer center on MSDN contains links to additional information and tools you need to develop for Windows Vista.

Sounds cool.

Thanks for the tip Dilip - Hey Is Jimi really your cousin?

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