Questions to ask BillG

On the topic of
questions to ask BillG
, let me show you some of the questions people have
sent me to ask BillG:

  • Why should we consider the Microsoft Application Platform when J2EE gives
    us platform choice and a significant number of large SI that have proven track
    records in this space.
  • Give me a reason why I should consider MS for my mission critical
    systems vs the technology/services combination coming from IBM.
  • Why should we invest in our datacenter vision where IBM outsurcing their
    IT through autonomic computing makes better sense from a financial
  • Will Microsoft continue to invest in curriculum and research initiatives.
  • Why are students losing interest in Computer Science?
  • What is Microsoft's view on open standards, open source and software
  • What is Microsoft's commitment on using the .NET framework internally on
    things like Office.
  • What is Microsoft's plans to support RSS and other syndication formats.
  • What does the SUN deal really mean.
  • How can an ISV tap into MS development funds.
  • How can MS help an ISV commercialize their IP.

Phew - it's going to be an interesting time. I can't wait to hear the

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