Rudder Patrols Exhibit Hall, Chuck in a Suit, Controvery and Closing Keynote - TechEd Day 3

I can't believe, TechEd 2004 is all over for another year.

I was hanging out in the Exhibit Hall again today and saw a few remarkable things, such as Eric Rudder wandering the hall (which I DIDNT take a photo of) and Charles Sterling in a suit (which I DID take a photo of)

There was also a storm in a teacup regarding a badge being handed out at the show - I had to take a snap of the offending item.

Our team got a 1 hour meeting with Eric Rudder, which was pretty cool. He outlined the priorities as he saw them and then we had a chance to ask questions - I was proud that the majority of questions came from my boys - Michael, Jason, Chuck, Andrew, and Dave (who does not have a blog). It's always fascinating talking with a Senior VP - they have so many people under them that the only way they can succeed is if all the folks work together towards a set of common goals, which the VP needs to evangelise and keep everyone on track.

Then, it was time to wrap up the event - Eric delivered the closing keynote, which centered around the magic of software. He covered the major waves of products to be delivered over the course of the coming year and then some drill down on Visual Studio Team System, with a quick demo by Prashant Sridharan, a drill down on SQL Server 2005 (codename Yukon) with a series of demos by Terry Clancy and Greg Low, and finally a Longhorn demo delivered by Don Kerr, one of our Technical Specialists.

Eric then invited Tony Ward, who is our new Server Business Group Director, who introduced graudation ceremony for the folks who completed the IT Masters course. Good on you guys for a job well done.

During the keynote, folks in the audience leaving, as they all had planes to catch - so it is a shame those who left early missed out on the TechEd US DVD.

So another successful TechEd comes to a close - many thanks to all who participated, even those virtually via our blogs. Feedback welcome from all...