So, you want to be an Evangelist?

In my
last entry, I posted an email I received from Matt
. He was expressing an
interest in a role I have, and what it would take for him to be considered for
this kind of role. My response to him is as follows:

Hi Matt, Great to hear from you

You’re right, you don’t have the experience yet for the role, but there
are a few things you can do to help.

  • get involved with a local user group. Present a session on a topic
    you know about
  • get online – blogging is a great way to get noticed and to
  • join the ausdotnet mailing list, if you aren’t on it, and contribute
    to the discussions
  • Meet the local Microsoft team in Melbourne, in particular my team,
    such as David Glover. Show the passion
  • Go to tech-ed in August
  • come along to local Microsoft events and chat with the folks
  • get your certifications in mcad or mcsd 

You see, it’s not just about being a developer – it’s also about
participating and being active. This is where we find our leaders, mvps,
stars, evangelists.

The replacement for Jason has been made an offer. He is a guy from the
community, who has the passion around the technology. He has a blog. He
speaks at events, He has done stuff for Microsoft. He will be speaking at the
security summit in Melbourne later this week. As soon as he accepts the offer,
I will post a note about him.

Also, would you be ok if I posted this conversation on my blog? I
expect a bunch of folks would have the same question as

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