Some Stats from TechEd Sydney

In the lock note, I quoted some stats

  • We ran 5km's of CAT5 cable
  • We've used 1000 power boards
  • You drank 30,000 bottles of soft drink/water
  • You ate 8,000 eggs, 1/2 tonne of chicken, 10,000 pies, 1/2 tonne of rice, 1 tonne of red meat, 21,000 coffees and 40,000 beers.
  • You viewed over 6,000 PowerPoint slides
  • Your top 5 Passions were: technology, family, cars, security, and music - and 3 people said we like blowing things up , and 3 said women.
  • People: 3,400 attendees, 300 Microsoft staff, and one world champion boxer

Tejas took a photo, just to be sure we captured all the info


What other stats have we got? I'll sniff around and see what I can find.