The One About Crocodile Wrestling

bill interview

We had a busy day on Thursday.

It’s time for the first round of Parent/Teacher Conferences and we had 3 of them on the same day at different locations!

As we met with each of Billy’s teachers, they asked us about Billy’s Crocodile Wrestling.


Seems like our young fellow has been spinning a few yarns!

He was interviewed for an article in the local school newspaper and he let rip with a couple of doozies!

The ultimate Rugby player, the future star member of the Wallabies (the Australian Rugby Union): Billy Arrigo has joined The Bear Creek School.

Arrigo came to Kirkland last year and attended Kirkland Jr. High. He plays with the Axe Men in Marymoor, demonstrating what it means to be a master rugby player by showing amazing skills and impressing his coach, quickly becoming a very trusted member of the team. In his previous school, Knox, back in Sydney, Billy’s team was undefeated for the two years he was in the team.

Rugby is an odd sport, unpopular in the U.S., something only few countries in the world favor. However, something even more strange and unique to Australia is crocodile wrestling. Arrigo did just that. Back in his home town Sydney, he placed first in the Sydney 18 and under Crocodile Wrestling Tournament.

Picking up rowing this past summer, he wanted to keep in shape during the rugby off season. Arrigo rows 6 km (3.73 miles) daily. After school, he can be found in the pickup area wearing his Chinook rowing shirt saying, “I better get rowing now!”

LOL!  Nice one Bill. You’ve been found out!

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