The Tech.Ed apps keep coming

Outstanding MVP Bill McCarthy has
posted a a slick smart client app

2006 session picker with maps

Features include:

  • session calendar
  • search
  • export to Outlook
  • maps
  • blog feeds


application, 290 KB zip
, includes the all session data and
all the maps ! It also does smart pinging for session updates based on
the last IfModifiedSince property of the WebRequest.

How cool is that!

So now we have *two* apps that are exploiting the Tech.Ed Rss Feed
- Bill's TechEd 2006
session picker with maps
 and Paul
Stovell's WPF Tech.ED Session Picker

What else ??

Anyone willing to pull together a .NETCF app or a "mobile device
friendly" page which consumes the Tech.Ed Rss
 and presents the sessions in a nice clean interface. I know of at
least one KJAM carrying attendee who would really appreciate something like

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