Thoughts on the Office Move

Last week I packed up and moved from one office to another, in our building

I've had a week in my new home, so here's some of my ponderings

  • It's noiser on this side of the building
  • People keep stopping in for a chat, as I am a friendly and amiable host
  • I am interrupted a lot more now than I was before
  • I am meeting lots of new people who have been working here for a while
  • I am further away from the coffee and tea making facilities
  • I am closer to the men's toilet
  • In fact, I am so close, I can sometimes hear things that I wish I could not

In other news, I am doing a different kind of move.

I am swapping machines and operating systems.

I am going to leave my Windows XP Tablet Edition Toshiba M200 and move to a new Toshiba (Dual Core) A7 running Windows Vista Beta 2, and Office 2007 Beta 2. For me, this is an even harder move than the physical office move. I am already missing my Tablet.

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