Upgraded to Vista SP1 and We Survived

I’ve been running Windows Vista SP1 on my different work machines for a while and it has been really solid. It has my Dell Latitide D830 a happy camper when it comes to hibernation and power management.

When Windows Update pushed out Windows Vista SP1 this week, Rigo (my number one son) got prompted to update and he came to ask me what to do.

I told him to update.

He did

Worked fine.

He then went around to all the other machines and made sure the updates were applied.

It’s nice having my own sysadmin (some would say he is more of a BOFH)

Did I mention we have 6 PCs at home all running Windows Vista, including Emma’s Pink Dell Inspirion 1521, Moira’s sleek Dell One.

I may need to look at Windows Live OneCare to bring some order to my network.

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