We have an Australian winner of the Imagine Cup

Today I got to see the three
Australian finalists in the Imagine Cup

The 3 teams strutted their stuff in front of the judging panel, made up of
myself, Ben
, and our boss Norbert

Each team had 20 minutes to present the solution, and we were looking at the
following things:

  • 15% Problem Definition
    How difficult is the problem
    being addressed?
    How well is it being defined?

  • 60% Design
    Equal consideration will be given to:

    Innovation - applications that approach a new problem, or look at an old
    problem in a new way.
    Impact - applications that either impact a large
    number of people very broadly, or impact a smaller number of people very
    Effectiveness - to what degree the application actually solves the
    problem in question.

  • 15% Development
    The judges will be looking for
    elegant system architectures that break the problem down into logical chunks
    and modules.

  • 10% Presentation
    The judges will be looking for oral
    presentations that provide background and context to the project, explain why
    the problem is an interesting one, highlight how the system works, and include
    an insightful demonstration. Teams will also be evaluated on their ability to
    take questions from the judging panel. 

The winner was a team from University of Canberra.

The runner up was also a team from University of Canberra.

The winning entry was the Patient Monitoring and Alerting System. This has a
lot of potential, and we're going to spend some time with the team to help them
develop the concept further so that they can blitz the field in India!

Great work to all the finalists and the other participants. And Kudos to our
intern Bernard
, who managed the entire process (and I'm sure Berno will be
putting photos up somewhere soon)

I love this part of my job ;)

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