I was at a Christmas BBQ today for one of my kids, when one of the parents ran up to me furiously. I thought Brice had hit their kid or something, but it turned out that she worked at a local web development company who had recently switched from PHP to ASP.NET v2.0, and was so happy about the experience, she just wanted to tell me all about it.

Turns out she is a subscriber to the MSDN Flash, and had wondered if the kid in her son's class with the same surname as me was infact my child. Had she looked at the class sheet we got at the start of the year, she would have seen my email address and the penny would have dropped earlier, but anyways...

So, I spent part of a sunny Sydney afternoon discussing the merits of web development from a web designer using ASP.NET and how much more productive it is, compared to hacking PHP. The company she works for pumps out 300-400 websites each year for a wide range of small to medium businesses, and so productivity is really important,as is producing standards compliant sites, as well as ease of deployment, not to mention having a set of tools for debugging. I tell you, she was raving about master pages.

This got me thinking. Surely this isn't an isolated incident. There must be other folks who have made the switch from PHP, or Cold Fusion, or even classic ASP to ASP.NET. If you have, drop me a note. I would love to hear from you too.

By the way, Brice did infact have an incident later and there were tears involved. Ah, the joys of parenthood.

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