WEBJAM : Jamming at ReMix07

I love this quote from Lachlan from a recent post

Webjam are stupidly excited to announce that we'll be running a Webjam at ReMix07 !

Says it all really.

Michael Kordahi sent me a note too with his guidance/thoughts

Webjam in a nutshell:

  • 16 presenters, 3 minutes for each presentation, SMS voting, winner gets the adoration of the crowd and a prize of some sort – pretty simple really
  • We’re going to do it at the Galactic Circus party on the evening of the 25th. So, it’s a very casual atmosphere.
  • Preferably, presenters are to present something they’ve done online recently. This could be anything from:
    • A mash up
    • A little bit of cool functionality
    • A full site
    •  A WPF, Silverlight app
  • At this point presenters are to be ReMix attendees
  • If you have any nominations pls contact them or get me to do it – a brief blurb on what it’s all about can be found here http://webjam.com.au/post/webjam-at-remix07.html
  • Nominees are to contact Lachlan
  • Video of a previous Webjam  
  • Official Webjam site


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