Welcome Aussie .NET Blogger : Richard Mason

In my recent call
for Aussie .NET Bloggers
, Richard Mason put up
his hand and let me know he had a blog.

Now what is cool about Richard, is that
he is a member
of the Imagine Cup winning team from Australia

Duo’s winning idea
Richard Mason and
Douglas Stockwell, PhD students from Queensland University of Technology in
Brisbane, have developed the ‘Prognosticator,’ the ultimate remote control for
television. Their electronic television guide not only has the ability to seek
out and record the types of programs a viewer likes, but can also be activated
from anywhere using a smart phone or Pocket PC. The Prognosticator goes on
show this month at The Imagine Cup, a Microsoft-sponsored international
technology competition in Brazil.

The team came up with a fantastic solution and we wish them
well in Brazil.

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