We've got maps covered at TechEd Sydney

Back at TechEd 2004 we launched the Australian Maps for Mappoint Web Service.

Well, we continue the tradition with a number of sessions which cover all the latest in relation to Virtual Earth and Windows Live Local

ARC205 : Location Solutions Architecture & Best Practices : Steve Millroy

Location solutions are popular in many organizations for various scenarios including store locators, fleet management, data visualization/BI and mobile location solutions. This session will review popular types of location solutions; we will review architectures and related Microsoft technologies including Virtual Earth/MapPoint and server capabilities with Windows and SQL Server. Best practices will be covered including real-world examples highlighting architectures for location solutions.

MSG403 : Building Mobile Applications: Moving from J2ME to .NET with MapPoint : Aaron Hoye

Ever wanted to know how to build an efficient and performing mobile application? Come and listen to developers that have multi platform and multi language experience in this area including developing mapping applications with Microsoft MapPoint and moving an application from J2ME to .NET.

WEB205 : Programming Virtual Earth : Jay Nanduri

The Microsoft® Virtual Earth™ platform makes it easy for enterprise developers to build location-aware solutions using Visual Studio .NET and Visual Studio. Microsoft is making significant investments in mapping and location-based services, including the recent addition of coverage for Australia in both the Virtual Earth™ platform and Windows Live Local Search. Learn about what's new in the latest release of the Virtual Earth APIs and how you can put these powerful tools to use today!

WEB316 : How to develop an Aussie Mashup using Microsoft Atlas : Paul Glavich & Tatham Oddie

Learn how to develop a typical "mashup" web site using Microsofts Atlas technology. This session will show you how to consume web services client side, aggregate that content and serve it up for display on the browser. You will also learn how to create a typical Live.com gadget using Atlas to add value to your mashup, and do all this with a unique Aussie feel with local content.

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