What Are We Talking About On My Panel At Mix08?

I've got a panel at Mix08 and since Mix08 is only a week away, I had better get my act together and do some prep work.

The panel details again:

Web 2.0 and Beyond: What Is the Business Reality?

Wednesday, March 5 4:30 PM - 5:45 PM, Delfino 4101A

Speaker(s) : Frank Arrigo (Microsoft), Bryan Biniak (CEO Jacked), Tim Kendall (Facebook), Loic Le Meur (CEO Seesmic), Chris Saad (CEO Faraday Media)

Audience(s) : Business

Session Type: Panel

While Web 2.0 and beyond sites, built on the family of technologies that encompass it, are undeniably cool, the question remains: How can one make money off it? Join us as well known Web 2.0 firms debate the revenue model in this brave new world.

To get myself into the mood, I will host a Q&A session with the panel moderator - me

Q: So how will you run this?

A: As a moderator, my job will be to fire off the questions and let my panel of experts have their say. I just need to make sure the conversation flows.

Q: What questions will you ask?

A: I thought I would collect some questions here on my blog first. Then I will kick off the session with some questions from the audience. Make the attendees work I say!

Q: What are you looking forward to?

A: Apart from the winning  logo for Chris' DataPortability Logo Competition I am really keen to hear from all of the panelists and I hope my questions can stir a great conversation.

Q: Is this your first time in Las Vegas?

A: Why yes it is. I am really looking forward to it - but I do remember what happened when Homer and Ned made the trip, so I had better be careful.

Q: Thank you - see you in Vegas

A: Thank you - it was my pleasure

So, if you are heading down to Mix08, don't forget to checkout the Schedule Builder and add PNL05 to your schedule.


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