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I got an unsolicited email last week from BuzzNumbers.

The email had the following intro

Welcome to your buzz numbers email notification service deliverying you reports about your online social media mentions.

And it provided a list of articles and blog postings where my name had been mentioned.

I didn't think much of this. It looked like spam.

Later in the day, I got an email from someone I did know (Nick Holmes à Court) who put this BuzzNumbers thing into context for me.

Turns out BuzzNumbers is an analytics and online reputation monitoring service that he has been developing and I was a test subject.


More about the service from the site

Online Media Monitoring

BuzzNumbers scans and monitor all known online media channels real time for your brand or business name. BuzzNumbers is available as a Web Based platform and supports Email Notifications and RSS integration.

Online Influence Analytics

BuzzNumbers Analytics enables you to measure and track which online sources have the greatest influence. Look through News, Search Engines, Blogs, Podcasts, Video, Social Media, Forums and more and understand where you have the most online influence. BuzzNumbers Analytics offers reports across Domains, Countries, Sources, Keywords and more.

BuzzNumbers Conversation Explorer

Use BuzzNumbers Dashboard to view filter, sort and explore all online conversations about you, your brand and your company. You might be suprised who, where and what people are saying about your brand online.

Way cool. And there’s a blog too. How Web 2.0!

Always nice to see startup activity from Downunder!

Good Luck with the venture Nick


Nick sent me a note this morning.

He is offering a free 3 month account until September 2008 to gather feedback. Email him at nick @ buzznumbershq.com and tell him Frank sent you

He also tells me that BuzzNumbers.Com has been built using the MS Stack : ASP.NET 2.0, SQL Server 2005, SSIS, Analysis Services 2005

Yay for .NET :)

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