WomenBuild : Pre-conference @ PDC 2008

Back in May, I wrote a post about one of the PDC pre conferences - PDC2008 : WomenBuild... inspiring career paths in technology

I offered to help and my offer was accepted!


To celebrate, let me share my Frank as a Lego mini-fig


What’s WomenBuild you ask?

The WomenBuild program will launch in October and the events will be free for those registered for the Professional Developers Conference . The program is open to all registrants who have a passion for software development, especially women. The program consists of pre-conference workshop on October 26th during the afternoon, as well as a Women in Technology cocktail reception on Wednesday evening, October 29th.   Space is limited, so register now – you will see it as an option when you register for PDC or contact us .

The WomenBuild program incorporates a hands-on process that draws on the power of creative thinking to shift group conversation from talking heads to focused minds. Each team will be run as a facilitated conversation with physical Lego brick constructions that will powerfully shift a group to more productive outcomes by accomplishing a deeper mining of the diverse wisdom within the group and a clearer shared conclusion on inspirational career paths for women in the technical field. Through this workshop, attendees will share real life experiences, discuss challenges, network & build on-going relationships with other women who are attending the PDC conference. Ultimately, attendees of this workshop will find ways to unleash their creative thinking and transform ideas into concrete concepts.   

As a bonus, you will have the opportunity to meet senior executives within varying fields in Microsoft who will share their thoughts the power of software to empower women– from career choices to education to your daily routine and lifestyle, software can make a huge & positive difference in all walks of life. Be sure to join the Facebook WomenBuild group to be part of the WomenBuild community and be looped into future WomenBuild events as we spread the program across the nation!

Asli has done a wonderful job in pulling this all together

I’m off to BrickCon this weekend to update my LEGO skillz to l33t level

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