wow - everyone wants to talk to me again

The last few days have been pretty hectic for me. And there's been a recurring theme - Silverlight.

Seems the announcements from MIX07 last week have broken through (Microsoft Lights Way for Next-Generation Web Development and Design at MIX07) and now folks want to know more.

I've been contact by lots people who I used to talk to many, many years ago, and they are all after info on Silverlight.


So, what do I tell them?

First, I point them to these :

Then I tell them to watch the MIX07 Session Recordings.

Then I point to some of the video interviews from MIX07

Then I list out some videos of the cool demos from MIX07

Then I send a summary of the announcements from MIX07

Finally I them that the need to get to ReMix

And from now on, I'm going to link my old friends to this post - LOL

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