Zune Coming Soon? I can't wait!

Those who know me, know I love my gadgets.

I got myself a iRiver Clix recently and it quickly became *my kid's* favourite music player and I have had to flight them for it ever since. The High School Music soundtrack is currently on high rotation.

So, what does a good gadget geek do?

Easy - get another gadget!

Ever since I heard about Zune, I have been intrigued and have been keen to get my hands on one. I have been following all the rumours and stories online, as well as keepng an eye on all the "official" sources of information, such as Zune Insider & Madison and Pine.

In Australia, we have no details yet about when Zune will be available here or how much it will cost.

So, what am I to do?? - Pre Order from Amazon?  Wait?  Or get something else ??


No brainer - Get something else!

I got myself a Toshiba Gigabeat - which is a 30GB HDD Portable Media Center.

It is so freaking cool.

I am charging the battery right now.

I will soon fill it with music and videos and photos.

Since Toshiba is making the Zune this will give me a good idea what the Zune could be like.

Will I get a Zune? Depends what happens to my Gigabeat when I get home tonight.

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