Am I a MacGyvering guy??


recently I found this article in the IEEE Spectrum. It is about the renaissance of the Do it yourself style of building things.

There I found a new word called MacGyvering. Since I am a fan of MacGyver I thought: Am I a MacGyvering guy?

So first I am interested into building things myself. Since my father is a carpenter (he the studied civil engineering and worked the most time of his life as an engineer) I learned to work with wood quite early. I did not learn it the easy way (say, more the pushy way). And we did the floors and walls in my house or the "little" play house in my garden...

Right now I am on the move towards steel. I got a welding machine last christmas... Maybe a look in my little work shop will help here:


The last photo is my last luxury I did to myself ;-) Welding especially WIG is somehow tricky to do if you don't see what you do. So the normal welding filters do not really work with me because positioning everything, nodding the head to flip down the filter and - ups- where am I now. So my automatic helmet is worth each cent. You can see normally and it switches to filter-mode with 0.2 secs. Damned cool thing.

On the first photo you can see a red box. This is my Hilti drill... If you ever have the chance to buy one of those do not hesitate.

I think this is enough proof to call me a DIY guy but what about MacGyvering. Mmmhh.. this would mean building a two person U-boat with a fire distinguisher and a swiss army knife. I think I can apply for that. Since I never do have the right materials when I needed them I have to invent things always right away. Especially since in Germany the material supply on weekends stops on Saturday afternoon when the shops close.

One of my current projects is more digital: I want to build a DMX light-control for the theatre group of my wife's school.

So this was a short view behind the scenes...