Article on Web 3.0


on my way back from the states I read a magazine article on Web 3.0 (I think the magazine was called Business 2.0 - I am not sure and left it on the plane).

According to them adding semantic is the next big thing. So far all experts agree. The way to get there is somehow not so obvious.

The original idea of Berners Lee while formulated (see more on Berner here and video on sematic web here is nice but - as we learned in the past few years - somewhat unrealistic.

In my opinion there will be two sources of semantic: The users themself will add information by tagging. But the real source will come out of generated information based on BI. Adding semantic to knowledge fragments by comparing them to already known other fragments helps to weed the sea of information. The drawback is that it still is a probabelistic approach and - for sure - will be wrong in a few cases. Also this is not creative in a sense that it generates really new ideas but recycle what is already known.

For sure this will be a step towards an even better solution. Maybe semantic will become so hipp that more research will be done and more efforts will be invested in its definition. What we be aware of is that will not come in a big jump forward but will certainly take place in little steps.



 PS: I found my phone in my car ...