Engineering Windows 7…and XTOPIA / TechSummit


you might have seen this blog where the Windows 7 Engineering Team talks about the way Windows is engineered.

There was not a lot of news around Windows 7 in the past. If you have observed the news stream you certainly noticed that PDC will be of importance to Windows 7. If you live in Germany you may have noticed that we plan to have XTOPIA and TechSummit right after PDC and TechEd. So why did we do that?

Well, we planned good ;-)

Our initial idea was to have something ready here in Germany that can summarize what has been said during PDC and TechEd and to have a forum to discuss our view and news.

Our view certainly is – and here I see that Gartner (see

) is not far away (some might even say Google ;-) - that the client is  not going away. If it is Windows 7 or Vista: We all use more of the client OS than ever.

The client will be everywhere and diverse and rich. And: Web will be used twice. First: It is yet another client. If I see things like mesh or storage in the cloud… hi, this yet another client.

Then we have the web as a service delivery vehicle. If you see applications like World Wide Telescope you see in color what I mean.

Well, so if you are interested around the future of the industry…well, let’s discuss in Berlin…

CU @ TechSummit | XTOPIA