Interesting Clipping: The Box of Freedom


as usual I am listening audio books when jogging through the woods. One model really struck me (I nearly bumped into a tree while thinking about it):

Think about most animals or robots: There is a direct reaction to a stimulus. Think about humans (or some higher mammals): There is a box of freedom between the stimulus and the reaction. This box grow or shrink, it might be large or relatively tiny but it is always there. And you alone are responsible to use this box.

This really struck me. Because I was reading a book about a Jewish M.D. who was prisoner in a concentration camp which is only about 20 km away from where I live. While he was prisoner and the world around him seemed so surreal (we would say "kafkaesk") he still used this little box and kept his dignity this way.

Last Sunday I had to visit the museum which is now what that camp has been ...