IronPython Studio


dynamic languages make their inroad to Microsoft. I just found IronPython Studio on Codeplex (see They just released a December CTP.

It is also part of the Visual Studio SDK (see Visual Studio SDK). This version merges with a given VS on your machine (standard or above).

They recorded a screen cast showing what you can do with it. You can find it on codeplex for example.

As it seems dynamic languages once invited to .net really feel well within this space :-) Especially the part with WPF makes sense for me. The combination of traditional languages like C# (or should I say "more traditional languages"?? Since C# in its latest version seems to be more dynamic than ever before??) is a dream come true.

It is getting more interesting every day. Hope they release some more good stuff until the end of January... I have to do a talk on dynamic languages during the Windows Server/SQL/Visual Studio Launch here in Germany... want to do a good show :-)