Jet Blue is still alive or in the need of DBS


most US citizens see in the term Jet Blue the airline. Some others (like me) remember there was something called Jet Blue and Jet Red…remember??

Jet – A database engine

So JET – once for Joint Engine Technology – was a database engine used within a lot of MS products. Access is certainly the most prominent. There was a version called Jet Red which was optimized for small databases and which was used extensively by Access for example. (See

Then there was Jet Blue which used parts and pieces of JET but was optimized for larger databases. I remember how astonished I was reading that Exchange or Active Directory used a Jet Engine – namely Jet Blue – to store the data. Nonetheless I learned how stable this engine is seeing it working in ADS or Exchange Servers around the world. To do  so Jet Blue is  not a copy of Jet Red with an extend memory flag but brought some very new features to the table.

Well, Jet Blue is part of Windows (starting with Windows 2000) and called Extensible Storage Engine there (see And it is still a strong part of the whole thing.

Now since it is part of Windows you can easily make use of it as soon as you need a cool storage solution. See this article here

Well, Jet Blue is more than an Airline ;-)