Lumber Jack, what are you doing ?



Once upon a time our hero was wlking through fields and woods trying to find some rest of the troubles he recently had with some strange API. When he walked into a forrest he noticed that somewhere in here must be a lumber jack. It was easy to notice because this guy shouted and cried out very loud while obviously trying to cut down a tree.

So our hero walked up the hill simply following the voice and finally found the lumber jack pushing and pulling the saw. Every move the guy used his whole body to force the saw in the tree but there was little to no progress. The saw was simply edgeless. So our hero asked the guy why not stopping for second, sharpening the saw and restart again to finish the job within a few minutes?

The lumber jack starred at him and answered that he had no time for sharpening the saw. He has to finish his job...

We all have been in the role of the lumber jack.

Within my team we want to make sure not to be the lumber jack and rethink what we do over time. But rethinking has to be prepared.

As a preparation we would like to collect your feedback. Yes, YOUR feedback...

The simple question is: What are THE three things Microsoft should start doing, stop doing or do differently so that you would say "I am satisfied with what the guys did" ??

If you would like to answer this question, please go ahead... I'll keep you posted on the results.



PS: FOr all the lumber jacks out there: Don't take this personally. It is just a fairy tail, ok??