Mobile Ecosystem–The Connection of three Worlds


I just did a panel discussion and had a nice idea I want to share right away.

The question was: What business models do you see in existance or coming in the near future within the mobile ecosystem?

While my co-panelists started answer, I thought that this is a question nobody can really answer. But what kind of basic patterns exist? Starting from the innovation model I posted recently I thought about the patterns regarding business models. And here is my result:

A mobile device connects three worlds. Those worlds carry their own business models and all those business models can exist in the mobile space. But – even more interesting – one can connect the different models in the different worlds and generate new ones.

The first world is the physical world. We can move through the physical world and carry the mobile phone with us. We can use the phone to measure and control the physical world. So, classical payment can be transformed into the mobile world. It is simply like using cash. Also, things like coupons do exist for ages. They also can be done with mobile devices.

The second world is the cyber space. E-commerce as it works in cyber space, works with mobiles just fine. But it can be combined with the physical world. One can take a picture of a bar code and order online in no time.

The last world completes the human being. In a rough system, humans combine a physical live (in the physical world) with a social live as a part of the society. So, the social network is the last world. Again, there are old business models like incentivating a customer that bring in more leads is an age old habit in marketing. But now it can be combined with the cyberspace (call it affiliate marketing) or with the physical world.

How great is this?!?!?