Model View Controller in ASP.NET


I just saw this posting by ScuttGu 

Why it catch my interest is that Ruby on Rails is a framework designed around the idea of MVC. Seeing this done within Visual Studio and done in ASP.NET is nice. Seeing that the typical ASP.NET features are supported but extended in this way is nice.

Drawing this line in the future with dynamic language support (including Ruby), having a MVC framework and all the good stuff underneath it is cool. In the end the combination of Windows Server and IIS, ASP.NET, Media Services and Silverlight builds a very strong foundation for Web applications.

Bringing in ideas like MVC or things like project Acropolis round it up... wooha. Also, there is a technology available to build highly scalable web applications. And I mean highly scalable. The thing is that this technology is not published under the flag of web but for another technology and I was asked not to talk loud about it... so I don't ;-) not yet.

The next year will be very interesting for the developer...