Startseite - Sonntag 2.0 @ mixxt


yes, we will try… our first mini-micro-nano-Barcamp. The real story behind it is interesting enough:

We are in the process of doing a security roadshow. Since we had problems getting the locations filled (Developers and security is always the same…) we asked ourselves why not doing something completely different (just as Monty Python said) and came up with this idea:

We call it Sonntag 2.0 and it will take place this Sunday near Munich:

 Sonntag 2.0 - Mini-Barcamp zum Thema: Web 2.0 und Sicherheits-Aspekte

Startseite - Sonntag 2.0 @ mixxt

If you can spare the time, are interested in Security, Web 2.0, people, food, drinks, what not… well, be a part of it… ;-)



P.S.: I just discovered that the German translation for start page “Startseite” sounds not to bad… would be a good name for an agency or a web company… but sure enough: It will be taken by now anyhow…