Web was yesterday - Xtopia is tomorrow


I am pleased to announce a local conference which we will call XTOPIA. When I write we I mean not only Microsoft but also (and I am more than pleased to say this) our partner n-tv.

We have set us a huge goal: Bring Designers, Developers and Business people together and let them talk about the future use of the web. We do not want to repeat the next web hype but to ask the substantial questions behind future technology and how it enables new models of interaction with the user. How do future business models look like? We want to deliver answers and invite people from Germany to show their ideas and success stories.

Yes, Germany. For me it is tremendously necessary that we have a German touch. We have such a broad and vibrant Internet community, creative and talented people. But beside this the new usage of the Internet brings a certain kind of locality back into the content. And the local differences of people even inside of Germany but especially in an European sense is one of the strengths this old continent has.

Be sure it will be the place to be, with interesting people and lots of space to discuss... I am looking forward to it.

XTOPIA will take place 13th till 15th June this year in Berlin. Keep looking out for it while we prepare it... once in a while checkout at xtopia.de...