Accessing Pocket Outlook through COM Interop in CF 2.0

As you may know, CF 2.0 implements COM Interop which means you can finally access your favourite COM components without going through the hassle of writing managed wrappers using P/Invoke (or buying a 3rd party component...).

One of the most popular things to use here is of course ... Pocket Outlook. Use the POOM through COM Interop - done! Of course you need a POOM type library, and that's the hard part for most people. So the Windows Mobile team recently posted about this and provided a download link to a PIMSTORE.IDL, which however is broken (today). Therefore I provide you with a ZIPped PIMSTORE.TLB + PIMSTORE.IDL which (the former) you can use in VS2005 to directly add a reference to it and automatically create a RCW. Have fun!

(Please note that this is provided "as is" - use it on your own risk. We do not provide any support for it. )